About us

Beer – wisely brewed with with calmness, know-how and passion

World’s oldest Monastery brewery. 12 excellent beers. In 29 countries worldwide. About 90 members of staff in production, logistics, administration, sales and marketing. A premium brand with a top-quality team!

Susanne Horn
Chief operating officer
Karl Beck
Commercial manager
Leonhard Resch
Technical manager
Thomas Neiswirth
Head of Marketing & PR
Peter Nußbaumer
Sales manager gastronomy
Thomas Drexler
Sales manager trade
Anton Stöckl
Heiko Fröhlich
Logistics manager
Günter Hain
Human resources
Anton Götz
IT manager
Gerhard Aufleger
Real estate manager
Tobias Funke
Export manager
Andreas König
Brew master, Quality Assurance
Ludwig Mederer
Master brewer
Maximilian Vincenti
Master brewer, production manager
Laila Schmidt
Certification & QM