Monastery Weltenburg
A beer in heaven as on earth

Beer cocktails

The individual mixture of spirits, juices and beer with a fragrant note of hops results in a unique taste sensation.

Stirred, not shaken – Enjoyment for all senses!!

Beer cocktails – beer, not only pure but as a mixed drink, is known as pleasure for a long time in Bavaria. For more than a hundred years, the most popular beer cotail exists – the so-called Radler.

But not only mixed with lemonade the noble barley juice tastes well. Other juices and liquors harmonize perfectly with different beers, too. An individual mixture of spirits, fruit juices and cold beer with an aromatic note of hops results in various flavouring components.

Due to this unique and continuously renewing taste experience, beer cocktails become more and more popular and by now they are a fixed part of drink menus in several restaurants.

But what actually defines a really good cocktail?

They are called „Anno Breezer“ or „Black Refresher“, some taste sweet, some deliciously sharp, and the alcoholic content also varies. But one thing they all have in common: each one is mixed with the outstanding beer of Weltenburg monastery.

A fantastic taste experience– created by the unique mixture of spirits, fruit juices and barley juice with an aromatic hops note: The bitterness of beer combines in a special way with the different taste components of liquor and juice.

Try these extraordinary cocktails by yourself and go on a voyage of beer-discovery! Vary the suggested recipes just as the fancy and the taste takes you. Send us your favorite cocktail (with picture) to or post it on our Weltenburg facebook page.


Tingling, malty Cocktail

  1. Put some ice cubes in a large glass
  2. 3cl Brandy, 3 cl Martini, 4 cl Ginger Ale
  3. Fill up with Weltenburger Barock Dunkel
  4. Press 1/8 of an orange into it and decorate the drink with mint




Bitter-fruity taste experience

  1. Grate ginger
  2. 4 cl Wodka
  3. Add 2 cl of lemon juice
  4. Fill up with Weltenburger Urtyp Hell




Exotic beer cocktail with beach feeling

  1. Put four halved kumquats in a large glass
  2. Add one table spoon of white cane sugar and press it slightly with a pestle
  3. Fill the glass with crushed ice. Add 3 cl of brown rum and 2 cl of Cointreau
  4. Fill up the glass with Weltenburger Anno 1050
  5. Press 1/8 of an orange into it and decorate the drink with mint