Monastery Weltenburg
A beer in heaven as on earth

The monastery brewery

Weltenburg is the oldest monastery brewery in the world. The precious barley juice has been brewed here since 1050.

Weltenburg – A Special Beer Treat since Anno 1050

Weltenburg Monastery was founded at the beginning of the 7th century by Abbot Eustasius; it was transformed into a Benedictine monastery by St. Boniface and elevated to the status of the monastery by Duke Tassilo. Weltenburg, the oldest monastery in Bavaria, became the missionary centre of this region.

The first indicators for the existence of a brewery in Weltenburg Monastery can be found in the Weltenburg necrology, which states that in 1035 the Master Brewer died. A second scientific source is a protocol in the over 900-year old “Libellus Traditionum” from around the year 1050.

During the last millennium until today the monastic beer production in Weltenburg has been interrupted only by secularization from 1803 to 1846. In 1846 the brewery became monastic property again and has stayed so ever since. Therefore Weltenburg Monastery Brewery can be rightly referred to as the oldest Monastery Brewery in the world.

Klosterbrauerei Sommer im Kloster

In accordance with the Bavarian Purity Law of 1516 and the traditional art of brewing, nine beer varieties are brewed in Weltenburg; the range of products is complemented by further seasonal beer specialties.

The Weltenburg beer assortment:

The special quality of Weltenburg Monastery beers is guranteed by the nitrate poor brewing water and the consistent, up to three month lasting storage in caverns that lie forty metres deep.

Since 1973 Weltenburg Monastery Brewery is managed by Bischofshof Brewery Regensburg; state-of-the-art technical equipment has been introduced.

In search of something special, the modern consumer, who enjoys good food and drinks, has discovered the beer of the world´s oldest Monastery Brewery as a speciality. Particularly the Weltenburg Barock Dunkel, a dark, bottom-fermented beer speciality has been served for generations in Weltenburg, but also the dark Doppelbock and the Weltenburg Wheat Beer convey the original Bavarian lifestyle and the traditional monastic art of brewing.

The search for the special has paid off: Weltenburg Kloster Barock Dunkel was presented with the “World Beer Cup” as the best dark beer in the world for three times – 2004, 2008 and 2012. An excellent performance that has not been achieved by any other brewery in the world yet. Furthermore, the Weltenburg Anno 1050 and the Asam-Bock have won the gold medal with the “European Beer Star”.