Weltenburg beer specialties

Matured in the rock cellar of the world’s oldest monastery brewery. Unmistakeable, aromatic, excellent.

Anno 1050
The classic Märzen beer of the world´s oldest Abbey Brewery. Cultivated, elegant, golden yellow, excellently brewed on the basis of sophisticated, traditional recipes, a full-bodied balance of fine hops and energizing bitter-sweetness.
Asam Bock
A strong, dark Doppelbock which is more than just a beer. Malty-aromatic, sweet, pleasently heavy, with an intensive fragrance and strong flavour; a world known specialty just like its baroque namesake, the brilliant painter and architect Cosmas Damian Asam.
Barock Dunkel
The world´s oldest dark beer.
A true experience of flavour. Full bodied, with fine malt aromas. Slightly bitter with some sweetness, creamy and with the warm colours of amber...
Barock Hell
This beer is for your daily treat. Light, but impressive in its flavour with lush aromas. Weltenburg top qualitiy in fragrance, flavour, structure and freshness.
Dunkles Radler
A great combination of the world's oldest dark beer and sparkling lemon soda. An unique and savour-intensive Bavarian beermix out of the Weltenburg monestary brewery.
Easter beer
Weltenburger Oster-Festbier - the festive specialty at Easter!
Hefe Weißbier Alkoholfrei
Light and stimulating, tasty and aromatic despite the lack of the flavour enhancer alcohol. Its taste convinces in the tradition of the classic Weltenburg Wheat Beers - enjoy this low-calorie beer without regret.
Hefe Weißbier Dunkel
Brewed in accordance with Bavarian tradition and adjusted to the flavours of traditional well-established recipes and Bavarian life style. Strong in colour and flavour with a good balance of hoppy freshness and malty richness.
Hefe Weißbier Hell
The classic. Golden-yellow-brown, dominantly fresh. with a taste of yeast, tangy and well balanced in its flavour and lightness, pleasently sparkling thanks to natural carbonation. A good choice not only at traditional "Frühschoppen" or in beer gardens during summer.
Jacobus light wheat beer
The light alternative to Weltenburger yeast white beers light, dark and alcohol-free
Jacobus Schankbier
With the Weltenburger Jacobus Schankbier we recollect our roots in the monastic convention and gate beers.
The unfiltered and naturally cloudy beer of the oldest monestary brewery of the world. An old specialty which contains plenty of vitamins and mineral nutrients. Gently smelling like yeast, a soft body combined with a discreet bitterness of hops.
Fresh and pleasantly bitter, hoppy in scent and flavour, golden with a creamy, compact head. It satisfies the highest requirements and plays in the Premium League of Pils beers.
Urtyp Hell
Tasty, strong, pleasently fresh and fine in its flavour. Like all Weltenburg Beers it is made of the best barley malt, hops and clear spring water, representing an original and true way of life.
Winter Dream is a speciality of noble origin. Delicious and extraordinary, amber, pleasantly full-bodied with notes of caramel thanks to selected malts, sophisticated and luxurious flavours turn this beer into something very special.
Only available during winter season.