Monastery Weltenburg
A beer in heaven as on earth

Weltenburg International

Not only in Bavaria, but also international Weltenburg enthusiasts enjoy the award-winning barley juice of the world’s oldest monastery brewery.

Weltenburg international – at home in the world

Weltenburg International – Unlimited pleasure in the heart of Bavaria. Far beyond Bavaria’s borders the beer specialties of Weltenburg enjoy great popularity. One of these well-known beers is the oldest and best dark beer in the world, which won the World Beer Cup from San Diego for the third time. Another special beer is the Weltenburger Barock Dunkel (dark beer). Apart from Germany, it is a pleasure for all beer connoisseurs in the USA, Italy, Russia and various other countries for many years. Also the far eastern countries Japan and China discovered this specialty from the monastery brewery Weltenburg. It is simply the best dark beer in the world.

Meanwhile the beers of the monastery are available in more than 29 countries. As a national brand, Weltenburg is a messenger for Bavarian beer culture all over the world.

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